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Bounce Inspector Component for .NET

Quickly process and sort out bounced e-mails into categories with built-in S/MIME, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
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8 May 2014

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This component helps manage bounced email messages from your application.

Ultimate Email Bounce Inspector Component for .NET C#, VB & ASP.NET enables your .NET applications to efficiently process and categorize bounced email messages. You can inspect and categorize the bounced mail messages. All you need is a few lines of code to integrate the component into your application. This tool can handle EML and Outlook MSG messages. Messages can be loaded from local files, memory stream, IMAP mailboxes, and POP3 mailboxes. Results of inspection can be used to modify your mail list used for the direct mail. This data will be useful for creating email campaign reports. One of the most important tools in maintaining a mail list is to prune it often to take out wrong or inactive mail addresses. Sending mail to these addresses will be a wasted effort.

This component set can inspect bounced mails very quickly and help you update the mail address list. It includes many useful events to filter messages to be downloaded and inspected. That means a lot of flexibility and high-performance for your application containing these components. BounceInspector also includes SMTP classes essential for sending inspection report to a specified email address. Full source code web sample projects that illustrate appropriate uses are supplied. The classes used in the component are fully documented. Detailed examples are provided too. Besides the simple username/password authentication, the Mail library also supports Auto, NTLM, GSSAPI, Digest-MD5, CRAM-MD5, Clear Text, and External authentication methods. Medium Trust environment is supported. This is a very good tool for developers.

Publisher's description

A high-performance Bounce Inspector that enables your .NET applications to easily inspect and categorize bounced email messages with only few lines of code. Bounce Inspector can scan EML messages loaded from many sources such as local files, memory stream, IMAP mailbox, and POP3 mailbox. The inspection result can be used to update email address lists, create email campaign reports, etc.
* Support .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin Android, iOS, and .NET Compact Framework
* High-performance and reliable Bounce Inspector
* Supports EML file format
* Supports scanning IMAP and POP3 mailboxes
* Sending inspection report with SMTP classes
* Supports Many Proxy Servers (HTTP Connect, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, and SOCKS5)
* Support for IPv6, the next generation Internet protocol
* .NET Technology
* Supports many .NET Platforms
* Supports event-driven (Asynchronous) and blocking (Synchronous) Design
* Flexibility
* Fully Documented
* Lots of Bounce Inspection samples in VB.NET, C#, and ASP.NET
* Royalty-free
Bounce Inspector Component for .NET
Bounce Inspector Component for .NET
Version 6.0
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